Systemic awareness: New Paths for Leaders

In the past, not even so long ago, leadership was undisputed and linear. Today’s complex organizations and challenges require leaders to be legitimized and ask them to respond to contradictory requests. Innovative and inspiring perspectives on leadership and organizations have been opened by great authors like Covey, Senge, Logan, Beck and Cowan, to quote just a few. Their models allow new understandings of people and enterprises. However, at the same time, individuals have to face the day-to-day reality within their companies, where creativity can be limited by many constraints, such as procedures, conflicts between management and teams, psychological issues, power struggles, resistance to change... All this and much more is part of our challenges today.

So the goal in consulting is not to provide an ideal model, or, worse, sets of quick-fix techniques, but to accompany leaders and their organizations towards a different and wider awareness. We could call it a systemic awareness, since the growing complexity of enterprises implies that decisions have effects on a broader scale and on wider environments.  This is a new habit, a shift of perspective: from individual technical competence and excellence, to the skill to share decisions, strategies, goals and communication with others. An effective leader is able to gather a team around a project, to create and share new models, to express an ethic, to foster a higher motivation. These too are crucial for a successful organization.

Being a good leader is the result of very different skills and competences: on a technical, social, behavioral, strategical and creative level. Models, theories and systems can be useful as different elements in a toolbox, however the objective is to discover your own strategy and unique way, to create your path, using reflection about your experience, what didn’t work and what was successful. In this way, solutions and answers are co-created, allowing to integrate one’s limitations and support them, and to develop one’s talents and skills.

In life, there are no solutions. There are forces in motion: you have to create them, and solutions will follow. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry  

By Dr. A.S. Pensante, Coach & Consultant   

For Gefira-Leadership