Our Approach 


conceptual tools combined with tangible and concrete applications

Is based on conceptual tools combined with tangible and concrete applications of these principles within your organisation.

We assume that any organization is a living system,  a group in constant motion. We apply, among others, the grids of systems dynamics and of interactional and systemic approach, which proved themselves really helpful to quickly understand where are the leverages for action and change.

Our assumption is that in many organisations, all the people hold a piece of knowledge of what is needed to accomplish peak performance.

In our view, building leadership in organizations is an ongoing process, since we can observe different styles, different expressions, depending on  situational circumstances and different contexts.

We work with individuals and teams to let emerge their Point Of Excellence (P.O.E.), then accompanying people to express their identity in an aligned posture. It means becoming more aware of what they feel, what they think, and what they say.


Our programs

Are customized according to the client’s needs, stakes and the results they wish to obtain. Our primary focus is on the client’s request, co-creating with them a personalized approach.


We have developed consultancy programsConsultancy


We have developed consultancy programs for companies in search of new paths of development through internal mobilization.

We design interventions for organizations going through a time of uncertainty or crisis and wishing to find new reference points, shared values to build new projects together and boost team performance.


Training & Coaching

We train individuals or teams according to the context and the complexity of the environment, and we keep our full commitment in the program we are applying.

We emphasize the development of key skills as a leader :

  • How to sustain your energy by bringing more awareness in daily activities
  • How to define your own style of leadership and being more congruent and aligned with it 
  • How to develop the team spirit, by encouraging people to think out of the box and sustain group dynamics The coaching issue will depend on the crucial points to achieve. We are mostly focused on middle and top managers in private and public organizations.

We have developed different approaches for brief one-to-one coaching sessions, providing also long-term coaching interventions (5 to 10 months).


Sillicon Valley EduVenture

We designed a specialized business education program in California Bay Area, inspired by an environment where creativity, innovation, performance, research, networking are the foundations of a successful developmental model.


Participants will visit some of the most representative organizations, share their experience as leaders at an international level, connect with the Bay Area professionals and organizations. To be immersed in one of the most advanced cultures in the world will be an unique opportunity for learning and self-development