Leaders are playing a key role in an organization



Gefira in Greek means  bridge, crossing, to bridge the differences

In today’s world, we assume that one of the possible roles that a leader can play in an organization, is to be a Bridge between people he or she is managing. But this Bridge holds in its deep structure the flexibility required to absorb and adjust forces that are in opposition and movements that are wide.

Finally, it will engage in creating a field of stability which is indispensable for the balance of the system. It will engage in developing the resilience needed to fulfill its important mission as a support. It should also be inspiring, in order to create connections among men and women and foster creation of new possibilities.

On this Bridge people will meet, crossing the gaps and reaching new destinations, and among them new talents and new leaders will emerge. This is being a Bridge-leader ! 

Our mission

At Gefira-Leadership we stand up for helping people and organizations to grow. For us, having a vision is essential, acting to create value is crucial.

  We are passionate about people and helping them to find their Point Of Excellence (P.O.E.)