A new approach of leadership, Wisdom 2.0

How leaders can develop a new mindset to achieve better and sustainable results with engaged teams?

Leadership : journey of consciousness, S. Gilligan, D. Charleton-Guitteaud

A good leader is somebody who has a lot of resilience, so that through this peri- od they continue to hold this energy that at- tracts people and inspires people and gives them something to focus on. The best leaders never seek for leadership, they find themselves in the situation where they feel a calling and they need to do it, because something needs to be done.

Systemic awareness: New Paths for Leaders

In the past, not even so long ago, leadership was undisputed and linear. Today’s complex organizations and challenges require leaders to be legitimized and ask them to respond to contradictory requests. Innovative and inspiring perspectives on leadership and organizations have been opened by great authors like Covey, Senge, Logan, Beck and Cowan, to quote just a few. Their models allow new understandings of people and enterprises.

Du pouvoir au leadership: vers un leader de proximité?


Par Dr. Emmanuel OKAMBA, Maître de Conférences H.D.R. en Sciences de Gestion, Université de Paris-Est, Marne La Vallé; Laboratoire Institut de Recherche en Gestion                     

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Coaching and Martial Arts

Coaching and Martial Arts, just a short demonstration

This text is based on a demontration made between two coaches, and martial art practitioners,  Leynad (Yoseikan Budo)  and Avlyla (Kendo)

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